On average in the United States and even worldwide responsible fatherhood seems to be on the rise. By this I mean to say that active participation by fathers in their children’s rearing seems to be more prevalent among this generation of fathers than previous ones. The reasons for this may stem from changes in society, changes in the workforce and the workplace, or perhaps in something innately different within the fathers of today. Whatever the cause, most parents and children would agree that this is a very good thing.

Through this website we hope to explore this amazing phenomenon. We hope to provide and receive encouragement, support, experience, and advice for active fatherhood. Through sharing articles, tips and tricks, quotes, forum discussions, and product reviews we expect to give back a little of the blessings we have received. Additionally, wherever feasible we will encourage reader comments (including those from mothers too!). In fact, if you are interested in publishing your own article, tip, quote, or product review on fatherhood please contact us at:
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Responsible fatherhood initiatives are all around us. A not so recent census reports more than 2 million stay-at-home fathers in the US. These numbers pale in comparison with the millions of fathers who telecommute, sacrifice lunch breaks, leave the office early, or make other potentially career-limiting moves in order to spend more time with their families. Still other countless responsible fathers’ circumstances may not permit this flexibility and yet they sacrifice what little personal time they have to participate in their children’s upbringing.

BIOGRAPHY of James Christian, our main feature writer, editor, and founder: “Coming from a large family and working with kids from my teenage years until my thirties I felt prepared and excited to become a father. In late 2006 when my son “Lex” was born the excitement held true, but the feeling of preparation quickly dissipated. I had intended to be a hands-on dad, but I never figured out exactly how I would realize this. I still have a day job which consumes at least 45 hours each week, but I’ve been fortunate in my career to have lots of flexibility in scheduling my work hours around my family’s changing needs. As a result I’ve probably changed more than 75% of Lex’s diapers and I don’t regret a single one. Perhaps I’ve missed a couple deadlines due to priority given to fathering my son, but I’ve become a better person for it and hopefully my son will to.”

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  1. Dear James,

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  2. Hi James,

    Thanks for your positive feedback and suggestion. The truth is that we started using Culturelle when Lex was about 3 months old and we haven’t stopped (except for once and he developed a milk allergy just 1 month after we stopped). Lex now has a full capsule sprinkled with his first morning juice every day. Read the whole story here: My Child Has Reflux. Of course, even though we are sold on the product I would never reject any free samples. 😉

    James Christian

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