Unselfishly Give a Great Deal of Ourselves

Parenting is hard. Balancing work and family is hard. Kids are kids. Our families are not accessories to our lives or objects we can control completely. And if we want to be the sort of parents to raise children of character and integrity, we have to unselfishly give a great deal of ourselves to the project.

“Toy Times”, Holiday 2008/2009, Author Unknown

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  1. Hello! My son is almost 14 months old and we have just found out he is allergic to milk products and he totally refusses soy. I have been so worried because he is not getting the amount of calcium he needs. We have discovered that everything has milk in it including some snacks we were giving him. So, I have been doing some research online and found your webpage explaining what you have been through with your son. My son, has been on Nutramigen since he was five weeks old after discovering he could not take any milk based formulas. Now that he is older we have no idea what to feed him or where to get the calcium from. So, is the Kal C-Crystal the way to go? Did his doctor approve? The reason I ask that is our doctor does not seem to care as long as we give a little juice a day. To me that is not enough. Please help!


  2. Hi Misty,

    Your little guy sounds like our Lex, only I think Lex was about 9 months old when his milk/dairy allergy was diagnosed. I suspect that your son had colic as you were using Nutramigen since his fifth week. Ouch!

    Our doctors (pediatrician and pediactric-gastroenterolgist) didn’t/haven’t seemed overly concerned about Lex’s calcium consumption. That really bothered us. The peditrician gave us some dietary handout that was full of dairy options (thanks a lot!) and she keeps forgetting about his milk allergy. The specialist told us to get a recommendation from the pediatrician on calcium. Anyway, my wife did like she has always had to do since my son was born. She took matters into her own hands and did lots of research.

    Ultimately, she found Kal’s Crystal Calcium to be the way to go. It had the right kind of calcium and more importantly, none of the wrong kind (containing heavy metals or digestion altering). So this is what we us, EVERY DAY. The doctors say “sounds good” to our choice and method and the pediatrician only warned against letting him sip on sugary drinks all day. By the way, our favorite juices are those Juice Blast from Hansen’s for Kirkland (Costco) and lately we put in Carrot Juice too.

    I also recommend looking for foods and snacks that have calcium in them. I would not go out of my way to get something that has calcium added because it will probably not be near as good as the Crystal Calcium. Instead look for fruits and vegetables, such as figs and kale (although figs, especially dried ones will be infinitely more popular).

    Thanks for your comments.

    Good Luck,

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