Creative Designer Pacifer Straps, Binki Clips, & Other Essential Baby Accessories

A relative of mine has recently introduced me to their new online shop of baby accessories. At first I was not sure what to think, I was concerned that she was pouring a lot of time into a new business that wouldn’t really go anywhere. Well, I was quite wrong. Apparently her Designer Pacifier Straps and Binky Clips are selling themselves and at her current prices they are steals. Her shipping is dirt cheap too, so I can see why her store is already off to a great start.

Creative Pacifier Strap, Look It’s a Tie!

Designer Pacifier Strap

Designer Pacifier Strap

My favorites are the ties. Of course, I only have Lex and so I am partial to the more “manly” baby accessories. I only wonder why no one has thought of this before. It looks great and it has class, something that I think a lot of little guy and girl accessories are missing.

Something for the Little Ladies Designer Binki Clips

Designer Binki Clips

Designer Binki Clips

For the more feminine angels there are quite a few options available. Here is one that caught my eye. These really bring some elegance to to your pretty little angels.

3 thoughts on “Creative Designer Pacifer Straps, Binki Clips, & Other Essential Baby Accessories

  1. Hey, looks great, thanks! I am working on some bling for the girls, so there will be more options for all the daddy’s little princesses. I will add some more tags too. Seriously, thanks for this!

  2. I like the way these look. Now to find a relative with a baby that still uses a pacifier. Thanks!

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