My New Favorite Father-Son Outing Shoes

My son recently got some Kamik Snowkone boots and he is now invincible and impervious to the elements when we go out in the afternoons to explore.. Unfortunately, my basic Nike running shoes leave me completely exposed to the elements of soggy grass, puddles or water, rain, and river banks. So I looked around and found a simple solution, upgrade my shoes. Fortunately, since I am a cheapskate I was able to find some Columbia Sporstwear Karasi from last season at a great price on Amazon ($22.49 with Free Shippign if you get the order up to $25 or if you have a Prime account). They are marketed as waterproof, but they don’t include Gore-Tex, so we shall see. I am eager to put them to a real test when it starts raining again! Yes, I am excited for the rain to come back! (hint: I don’t live in the desert).

Oh and I highly recommend Kamik’s Snowkone boots for kids. They are truly waterproof and my 2 year old was able to move naturally even 2 months ago.

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