How to Find a Babysitter – Review

Let’s face it, after spending so many sleepless nights, fussing over so many feeding choices, and working so hard to get your child’s routine set we all have a fear, whether recognized or subconscious that introducing a babysitter could put all of that at risk. The truth is that even if a babysitter ignored most of your routines and made poor choices it usually takes 3-4 violations or omissions to break a good habit. So even if the babysitter totally screws up, your little 12-hours-straight sleeping beauty won’t permanently abandon that “nirvana” or sleep cycles.

How to find a Babysitter

Nevertheless, this is a priceless, irreplaceable little being. Even if you are not worried about breaking any good routines and habits, you don’t want to trust her care to just anyone. When you have exhausted all relatives and friends as babysitters or, like me, you don’t have any nearby were to do you turn to find a babysitter? Some turn to teenage neighbors or members of their local faith. sometimes, this isn’t an option and one might be tempted to take a look on their city’s Craigslist or newspaper’s classified ads. However, if you choose this route you don’t really know anything about those offering their services and you would have to invest quite a bit of time to find out if you can trust them. Don’t worry, I have an alternative… Review to the Rescue is an excellent resource for your babysitter search. Seriously, it is definitely worth your time and consideration. But you say, “Wait a minute, isn’t that just another website like Craigslist?” Well, technically, yes, it is a website, but its what’s behind the website and that you should care about. puts all of its sitters through a 4-step screening process. It runs background checks on all of them and it even makes them available to registered members! It presents a sitter’s customized profile (including age) to you which even shows the sitter’s calendar availability and general locality. You can also read referrals and reviews from fellow parents on each sitter (where available). In fact, most sitter profiles include a photograph and many of them also include a video interview with the sitter. Try to get all of that through Craigslist.


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So what’s the catch you ask? None really if you consider peace of mind and the security of your children to be of any value. does charge a registration fee and its experienced and screened sitters might charge a little more than the twelve-year-old down the street. However, in the end you will be able to focus more on the reason you need a sitter and spend less time trying to find the perfect one from your child(ren). Therefore, in my opinion, you really can’t go wrong with the service. Take a look for yourself.

You owe it to your responsible fatherhood initiative to take look. Truthfully you owe it to yourself, companion, and child to take some time off and away. Take your wife or significant other out on a date and enjoy yourself. It will do everyone good and you will enjoy the time more if you feel safe and comfortable with the babysitter who is taking care of your child(ren).

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