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I have been hooked on since 2000. Over the years it has probably saved me hundreds of dollars directly and even earned my at least a thousand through miscellaneous offers. Anyway, the value of FatWallet was never stronger than when we were preparing for Lex’s birth. I found a forum topic there titled “Baby Freebies” that was invaluable.

It seems that the topic was not maintained in the last year or so and so it fell into FW’s archives. Since I wanted to share it with you all I decided to revive it. Hopefully I will have the time to see it through to complete up-to-dateness; however, I expect that my fellow FatWalleters (and perhaps even some of you) might help build it back up.

Please check the new FW topic titled “Official Baby and Early Parenting Freebies Thread (revived)“. Already there is a list of at least 10 freebies for parents and parents-to-be to request.

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