Motivating my daughter to eat healthy

With all of the sugar coated food the supermarket has to offer, will my two year old daughter ever eat brocholli? I’ve found that involving her in the process of buying and making the food makes all the difference. When she helps pick out the carrots at the grocery store, she is excited to eat them when dinner time rolls around. Also, we grow a small garden, and when she can watch the fruits and vegetables grow, and has to wait for them to mature, she is excited to pick and eat them. She was so excited about peas that she eats them shell and all.

One thought on “Motivating my daughter to eat healthy

  1. We’ll have to try involving my son in the shopping and cooking more, but we can attest to the success of a garden. My father-in-law is a garden fiend. My son is a huge fan of plucking cherry tomatoes off the stem and chopping them down like they’re candy. He also loves the sugar snap peas–he needs a bit of help splitting them open to get to his favorite part, and then there’s no stopping him.

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