Should I Floss my Toddler? Sure, why not!

My wife started this many months ago when Lex showed serious interest in her flossing activities. She took standard mint-flavored waxed Johnson & Johnson floss and gently threaded it between some of his front teeth. Lex really enjoyed it. I think it was a combination of putting something new inside his mouth, having someone other than him putting it there, and the minty-fresh taste.

Establishing a Flossing Habit = Priceless

Now months later, if Lex sees one of us flossing he asks to be included through his usually extended hands, grunts, and tip-toe stance. It is too cute to resist and honestly why should I resist it. If I am gentle with the floss I am doing the the same great thing I do when I brush his teeth. I am helping create a positive habit. It may not actually clean his teeth much, but the lifelong benefit of establishing the habit is invaluable and she might enjoy it any way. And honestly, my wife has pulled out some scary chunks of meet a few times, so there is an immediate benefit.

Responsible Fatherhood Initiative

As a father trying to become just a little more responsible I recommend that you introduce this either as a discussion topic or as part of your child’s teeth cleaning routine. If it sticks you’ll have taken some great steps toward responsible fatherhood and if it doesn’t then at least you tried. I don’t recommend letting him play with the loose floss or the floss container (choking hazard and massive wasted floss warning).

One thought on “Should I Floss my Toddler? Sure, why not!

  1. Seems like I read somewhere that it was a good idea to floss your toddler’s teeth (probably in the Baby Whisperer books), so it’s part of our nightly get-ready-for-bed ritual. I’m not always successful getting the floss in between all his teeth, but I don’t insist on making it happen at the expense of his enjoyment. Our aim is to make it a positive experience no matter what–and hopefully he’ll always be up for a little flossing. (And hopefully I’ll get some of those “scary chunks of meat” too.)

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