The Mother of all Diaper Changing Secrets

OK, I was really getting tired of the out-loud cracks and definite unheard secret remarks regarding the number of wipes that I needed to change a poopy diaper. I couldn’t defend or explain why I seemed to always need at least one additional wet wipe and often more than my wife, mother-in-law, and pretty much any mother. I felt that maybe somehow I was always getting the worst and messiest offenders and they were getting all of the little tiny nuggets. However, the truth was that I missed their biggest secret.

Tip for Dad: Wipe first with the diaper itself!

Yes, that is right, those in the know of changing poopy diapers always use the diaper itself, regardless of how full it is to take the first and messiest swipe at junior’s little stinky present. Try it. At first it seems strange, but then you realize that your knuckles have never been better protected from this the messiest of swipes.

One thought on “The Mother of all Diaper Changing Secrets

  1. ‘Tis true. That is the secret. We switched several months ago to cloth diapers and the same holds true. I mean, we have to swish the poop off the diaper in the toilet anyway, so why not get as much of his little bottome wiped off with the diaper in the first place.

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